Audiocontrol The EPICENTER 600

1 Kanaals mono versterker van AudioControl.
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When car audio systems demand high levels of subwoofer power output into difficult loads, and a wide range of adjustment to optimize the subwoofer performance within the system, the AudioControl EPICENTER® 600 and 1200 power amplifiers are the ideal solutions.

Each model delivers high current, stable down to 1 Ohm, and each has a removable top cover that allows access to controls for THE EPICENTER® effect, crossover frequency, gain, polarity, subsonic filter, signal sense and expansion bus mode.

Simply the most advanced subwoofer amplifier in car audio today! The EPICENTER® A,pilfers incorporate our Patented Bass Restoration Processor to deliver earth-shaking power to your subwoofer system.

Carefully applied signal processing at just the right spot enhances the listening experience and maximizes your bass quality.

Type: Mono versterker
Vermogen aan 4 Ohm: 400 Wrms
Vermogen aan 2 Ohm: 600 Wrms
Vermogen aan 1 Ohm: 800 Wrms
Ingebouwd X-over: Ja
Hi-level input: Ja
Auto Turn-on: Ja
Afmetingen (LxBxH): 9″W x 7.95″D x 2.1″H
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